Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions contained shall apply to the use of the website www.Jivanmuktas.org
Any person logging on to or using the Website should know the following:

1. This is a private website
2. It is only for registered users
3. We shall presume that you have read and agreed these Terms of Use
4. It is clarified that the Privacy Policy is an integral part of Terms & Conditions
5. Ensuring authenticity of registration data is your responsibility
6. No misleading information should be given
7. You should not impersonate another person
8. No information from the website can be copied, forwarded , misused or disseminated unless as otherwise permitted on the website
9. Information in written content, audio or videos formats, calendars, pdfs downloadable or otherwise are solely for satsanghis only and not for anybody
10.There will be no refunds provided for the donations made through the website.
11.For any further information you may write to us at :
Indianow Foundation
2nd main 1st cross
VP Nagar
Udupi 576102

You may also contact via email or call

Mr. Srinivasan Iyengar
+91 97696 16222

12.Satsanghis are allowed to leave comments and feedbacks.
13.No objectionable comment which is violent, unconstitutional in nature, hurtful will be entertained. We reserve the right to invalidate your registration if we find your behavior not as per norms acceptable to the website owner. No further complaints will be entertained on this issue.
14.Only a major of age above 18 years is allowed to register into the website
15.Passwords cannot be shared with non-registered users/satsanghis
16.Admin of the website reserves the right to approve or reject your registration application. No complaints will be entertained
17.Admin also reserves right to remove and/or edit such detail/ information given by you as appropriate
18.You agree to use the data owned by Jivanmuktas (as available on the Website along with its components) only for personal purposes and not for any commercial use unless agreed to by Jivanmuktas in writing.